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Paragliding Bali Tandem Introductory Flight

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Things to do in Bali for Teenagers-Paragliding Bali

Paragliding in Bali  Sport Tours Sightseeing Tandem ( Introductory Paragliding ), enjoy the beautiful southern trip of Bali.

Paragliding in bali introducyion flight

Paragliding site this could be an option in addition to the tourist attractions in Bali are wont to do. It’s amazing. Simple, easy, safe and for anyone!Paragliding Bali Fly Tandem Flight Service

Our Introductory service tours sport is 100% weather dependant and we have gotten really good at observation local weather.

Paragliding in bali introducyion flight

Paragliding in bali introducyion flight

Our paragliding pilots study different wind and weather websites every morning, we will give you a safe experience to remember forever.

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Must See Things to Do in Bali, Must See Things to Do Bali , Must See Do in Bali

Standard Paragliding Tandem ( Paragliding Introductory ) in Bali Island which we offer for US$ 110.00 (including pick up and drop off to your hotel if possible).

Paragliding in bali introducyion flight

Paragliding in bali introducyion flight

The tandem flight consists of a short instructional briefing followed by estimate a 15 minute Paragliding Tandem Flight in Bali (weather permitting).Paragliding-Bali-Tours-Sightseeing

To booking Paragliding Tandem ( Paragliding Introductory  ), Please Email info@baliparagliding.com or make Phone contact : +628113865229 where we will arrange an appropriate time to fly paragliding in Bali.

Bali Paragliding Tandem Introductory Flight

Calling on the morning of flight is fine, but upfront booking is better.  That way we can set a flying time directly if weather permitting.

Best Experience when Holiday in Bali

We will simply need your name , phone number, and address to pick up, if we see that the wind and/or weather are not suitable to fly, then we will call/sms you before . We will call you either way on the day of flight to reconfirm, but feel free to call/email us to reconfirm from your side. We are really appreciate that…

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Corporate Groups – Enquire about our group specials for a corporate fun day unlike any other! we’ll be able to use all of our experienced pilots and instructors to handle the whole group with ease.

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Don’t forget bring your pocket camera to capture in the air with us…